NOTE: As more Minor Parties Unite into the Australian Federation Party we will confirm their details here.

Latest Party to Join: Australia's Representatives (AusReps)

'Liberating Australia and Returning Democracy'
Never Vote Liberal/National or Labor/Greens Again

The Problem

The two major parties of Australia, Liberal (National) and Labor (Greens) have become totalitarian and listen to their power brokers, conflicted advisors and well-heeled corporate sponsors and lobbyists rather than the people that elected them.

The Consequence

We now live in a police state where freedoms, choices, rights and privacies are subordinated to political agenda. We cannot move freely across our country and we have no way of getting the attention of our elected members because all they are interested in listening to is those that selected them, not those that elected them.

The Solution

Australia is a divided nation because of years of neglect and self-interest on behalf of the two-party system.

It is time for a sensible balanced party that serves the people.

It is time for a party that has a process and system that will listen to the people and let their voices be heard. Vote for a party that is committed to building a new and unified Australian Federation, something new that will give you back your freedoms and end the divisive politics and reign of the two-party duopoly forever.

Welcome to the
Australian Federation Party